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DeLellis, Bob
Bob DeLellis Photography

Phone: (805) 444-8464
E-Mail: bob@bobbydphoto.com
Website: www.bobbydphoto.com
Specialty: Weddings, Portraits & Events

Destler, Kimberly
Newbury Park
Phone: (818) 262-4945
E-Mail: kimberly@nddi.tv

Destler, Steven DDS
Newbury Park
Phone: (805) 499-1253
E-Mail: sdestlerdds@gmail.com
Grossman, Glenn
Phone: (805) 530-3380
E-Mail: glenng@mgius.com

Holmes, Dan
Dan Holmes Photo
CIPPA Past President
Phone: 805-701-5559
E-mail: danholmesphoto@gmail.com
Website: www.danholmesphoto.com
Specialty: Fine Art Landscapes, Weddings, Environmental Portraits, Events, Photography Workshops and Photography Tours

Hoyle, Karen
Studio 668
Simi Valley
Phone: (805) 582-2775
E-mail: shutbug@sbcglobal.net
Specialty: Children & Family Portraits, Weddings

Kelly, Patrick
Phone: (805) 320 5574
E-mail: uw_photo@hotmail.com
Specialty: Underwater

Laburu, Oscar
Oscar's Photography & Video
Phone: (805) 487-5154
Email: oscarvideo@aol.com
Website: www.OscarsPhotographyAndVideo.com
Specialty: Quinceañeras, Weddings, Schools with Photography & Video

Mercadante, Bonnie
Softouch Video & Photography
Phone: (805) 382-2727
E-mail: bonnie@softouchphoto.com
Website: www.softouchphoto.com
Specialty: Portraits, Events, Weddings, Memory Video Montages
Memberships: PPA, WPPI, NAAP

Mercadante, Mike
Softouch Video & Photography
Phone: (805) 382-2727
E-mail: mike@mmercadante.com
Website: www.softouchphoto.com
Specialty: Portraits, Events, Weddings, Memory Video Montages
Memberships: PPA, WPPI, NAAP

Morris, Charles
KSSP Photographic Studios
Phone: (805) 524-6400
E-mail: info@ksspphotostudios.com
Website: www.ksspphotostudios.com
Specialty: Portraits & Weddings
Membership: PPC, NAPP

Neumann, Alex
Alex Neumann Photography
CIPPA Past President
Newbury Park
Phone: 805 376 0612
E-mail: weddingpix@msn.com
Website: www.alexneumann.com
Specialty: Weddings
Membership: PPA, PPC

Paliungas, Jim
Palimor Studios
CIPPA Past President
Phone: (805) 482-3399
E-mail: jim@palimorstudios.com
Website: www.palimorstudios.com
Specialty: Portrait, Fashion, Glamour/Boudoir, Wedding, Commercial
Credentials: Certified Professional Photographer
Membership: PPA, PPC, WPPI

Priebe, Darrel
Laughing Light Studios
Westlake Village, CA
Website: www.laughinglightstudios.com  
Dazzling Photography- Lightroom and Photoshop Lessons
Phone: (805) 368-0816
E-mail: Darrel@dazzlingphotography.com
Website: www.dazzlingphotography.com
Specialty: Wildlife, Landscape, Real Estate

Reis, Leanne
Photography by Leanne Reis
CIPPA Past President
Phone: (805) 573-7637
E-Mail: leanne@photographybyleanne.com
Website: www.photographybyleanne.com
Specialty: Weddings & Engagements, Boudoir, Maternty & Newborns, Real Estate
Membership: PPA, S-PPC

Resler, Jim
Reflections of You
Phone: (805) 990-9055
E-mail: jimresler@gmail.com
Specialty: Portraits
Membership: PPA, PPC

Seigel, Randi
Laughing Light Studios
Westlake Village
Phone: (818) 324-9404
E-mail: Randi@dazzlingphotography.com
Website: www.laughinglightstudios.com
Specialty: Environmental Portraiture, Botanicals, Street Photography

Sheppard, Sherron
Sheppard Photography
Phone: (805) 218-1098
E-mail: sherronsheppard@earthlink.net
Website: www.sheppardphotography.com
Specialty: Fine art, Photoshop, and Corel Painter Workshops
Credentials: Certified Professional Photographer, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Master of Electronic Imaging
Membership: PPA, PPC, WPPI

Skibiski, Larry
Larry Skibiski - Photography
2018 CIPPA President

Newbury Park
Phone: (805) 338-9339
E-Mail: larryskibiski@me.com
Credentials: Brooks Institute of Photography, CPP (Certified Professional Photographer)
Specialties: Studio and Environmental Portraits


Meyer, Tim & Dea
Meyer Photography
2009 PPC Past President
Santa Paula
Phone: (805) 933-0464
E-Mail: Tim@meyerphoto.com
E-Mail: dea_bach@hotmail.com
Website: www.meyerphoto.com
Credentials: Certified Professional Photographer, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, MFA, F-PPC and S-PPC
Memberships: PPA, WPPI, PPC, PPSDC, GCPPA and AVPP

Swarts, Danny
Photography by Danny Swarts
CIPPA Past President
Puyallup, WA
Phone: (253) 466-3235
E-mail: photodanny@aol.com
Website: www.photodanny.com
Specialty: Portraits, Scenic Portrait, Fine Art Scenic
Membership: PPA, PPC, PPW

Heidi Mauracher 1996-1998
Jim Paliungas 1999-2000
Danny Swarts 2001
Jim Paliungas 2002
Ed Kreiser 2003
Curtis Huettner 2004-2005
Amy (Fink) Payne 2006-2007
Leanne Reis 2008-2010
Dan Holmes 2011-2012
Steven Roosa 2013-2014
Alex Neumann 2015
Larry Skibiski 2016-2018


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