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Workshop with Kristi Elias


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Sunday, August 3, 2014
$69 for CIPPA Members, $79 for Non-Members

10am - 5pm, Includes Lunch
Mariott Courtyard, Camarillo

Kristi Elias

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The Workshop:

This will be an intense workshop class going in depth from image capture to Photoshop refinishing, followed by the art of the business side of photography.

In this immersive fusion of art and commerce, international award winning photographer Kristi Elias will share her profit-proven strategies on how to create a client experience they will not only pay for…but refer to their friends.

Drawing from her education and her fifteen years as a professional photographer, she'll demonstrate how she merged the art gallery world and photography business to run a successful fine art portrait studio. In just 2 years, she surpassed 6 figure sales and she can show you how she did so.

With her candid and open approach, Kristi will show you how to:

  • Create the ultimate client experience
  • Increase your sales, and sell product that will drive revenue
  • Help clients "see art"; Gain an understanding of the theories behind art gallery sales
  • Three step boudoir session posing.
  • Branding: Creating a strong brand and carrying it through ALL of your business touch points
  • Marketing and SEO, pleasing the Google gods
  • The brand of "You": Dressing for success, and letting your image define your brand.
  • Social media strategies: Gaining a following and convert them into clients
  • Creating an emotionally invested client: "The Wine & Dine Order Sessions"
  • Powerful product presentation: Wow-factor packaging and the "unveiling"
  • Dress for success, What your image says about you
  •  Social media creating contests, gaining fans and turning them into clients
  • The wine & dine order sessions, the emotionally invested client
  • Photo packaging and the process of the unveiling the clients images
  • This is about the luxury experience of selling art

All images © 2014 Kristi Elias

What to Bring

Your Camera, Lenses and a Laptop for the Photoshop portion of the workshop

About Kristi

Southern California native born, Kristi Sutton Elias has been an artist all her life. After earning her degree in Illustration and Advertising Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara in 1998. Mastering various media from sketch to sculpture, she discovered her ability to sculpt and manipulate light through photography and Photoshop.

With an artist’s eye and the soul of a poet, she has merged her artistic energies into one creation. Working quietly in her studio a professional portrait and commercial photographer and Photoshop artist for the past fifteen years, her newfound passion of fine art photography has brought her to the forefront of our industry. With an inherent depth and classic elegance, Kristi’s portraits have earned the recognition of international award competitions including WPPI, PPA and various local art foundations and galleries. Kristi has been featured on NBC News, in industry advertising campaigns, Rangefinder Magazine, and Professional Photographer Magazine.

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*Please note that you are responsible for your own equipment. Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association (CIPPA), Its Executive Board, Kristi Elias, Kristi Sutton Elias Photography and Marriott Courtyard will be held harmless and are not responsible or assume any responsibility in any way for any loss or damage to your equipment.

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