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2023 Photographer of the Year Award

Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year Award is awarded to the individual with the highest aggregate score of their four (4) best scores in three different categories. An individual must have entered at least six (6) entries spanning at least two (2) separate competitions to be eligible for this award.

2023 Photographer of the Year - Endre Balough

Category Awards

The award is given based on the highest aggregate score of an individual’s four (4) entries in a single category. Only a photographer’s four (4) highest scores are totaled if more than four (4) entries were submitted

2023 Animal Photographer of the Year - Endre Balogh

2023 Family Photographer of the Year - Leanne Reis

2023 Illustrative Photographer of the Year - Bonnie Mercadante

2023 Lifestyle Photographer of the Year - Dan Holmes

2023 Landscape Photographer of the Year - Mike Mercadante

2023 Nature Photographer of the Year - Greg Trainor

Congratulations to all of the CIPPA Members who participated in the Image competition. Last year 188 images were entered into competition.

  • 64 percent or 121 of the images were a merit or above.

  • 3% or 5 images scored in the Exceptional Category (95 - 100)

  • 4% or 8 images scored in the Superior Category (90 - 94)

  • 18% or 24 images scored in the Excellent Category (85- 89)

  • 39% or 74 images scored in the Merit Category (80 - 84)

A good year for image competition at CIPPA

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