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CIPPA Programs & Events

CIPPA Program Events

Welcome to the CIPPA Calendar Page where you will find currently scheduled CIPPA activities. CIPPA hosts presentations, Tech Talks, Outings, Workshops, and Image competitions all with a focus on improving our skills as photographers. To register for events please click on the images or the month below to see the activities. 

Non-members are welcome to participate to learn about CIPPA. Please register for an event, pay the fee, and you will receive a Zoom link for the scheduled e

The listings below are CIPPA Scheduled Events for January, February, and March of  2024. Please print, download the sheet, click on the links or scan the QR codes to reserve your spot, get the Zoom link, and pay if required. Coupon codes are listed for CIPPA members, and PPC / PPA members in the table below. 

New users can  Create a LearnDesk Account to register, track, and pay for events by clicking this link.

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