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Dear Judge:

CIPPA has developed a process that is a bit different, which has given us some great results, speeds up the judging, and provides the option to have all 3 judge’s critique.  Following is a description of how we work:


  1. We use a combination of Zoom, a Smugmug webpage, a Lightroom Catalog, and a shared Microsoft Teams scoring worksheet.

  2. We ask that you have a calibrated monitor and will need you to be able to connect to Microsoft Teams to access the shared spreadsheet.

  3. Our Microsoft genius, Mike Mercadante, will contact you prior to the competition to set you up as a user on the Scoring Spreadsheet.

  4. On Friday or Saturday prior to the competition, we will forward you a link to the Smugmug Webpage that contains all the image entries.

  5. You will then be able to view, score, and critique high-quality images during the weekend prior to the competition.  We ask you to view the images at full size and not zoom in or enlarge.

  6. We have found that this process speeds up the flow during the evening’s competition and allows you as much time as you wish to review, score, and critique the images.


The competition will be held on Zoom, with the images displayed from a Lightroom Catalogue.  The Moderator will announce the image Title and Category, the image will be shown, the scores will be announced, and the critiques will start. When possible, we will ask all three judges to critique but may drop to two if time requires.


Challenges are both automatic in case of a 10-point spread between high and low scores, and

voluntary whenever a judge wishes.


On completion of the judging, the committee will break out of the Zoom and note the Category winners and any ties. On returning to the Zoom any ties will be shown for the judges to break. Final Category winners will be then shown for the Judges to choose Best of Show, 2nd Place, & 3rd Place. We then announce the Category Winners, Judges Choices, and Merit Winners.

Screenshot: Smugmug webpage images:

























The title will appear in the lower right of the image on moving your mouse.

Screenshot Shared Scoring Webpage:






While we appreciate you taking the time to write your critiques and comments, we realize that this can be time-consuming, so we are OK with you entering the score and critiquing verbally during the competition. 

Thank you very much for your time, knowledge & efforts! 

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