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CIPPA 2022 Photographers of the Year!

2022 was a very good year for CIPPA - we have weathered a couple of crazy years and have evolved with a combination of in person and virtual events along with a growing membership. Thanks to Mike Mercadante for his excellent work on creating programs that are interesting, challenging, and informative!

We had another strong year of Image Competitions with superb images and excellent judges. We have all improved and continue to learn. The image entries were strong, compelling, and exciting - continuing with CIPPA's reputation for excellence!

The 2022 Category Photographers of the Year:

Animal - Endre Balogh

Fashion Editorial - Jim Paliungas

Illustrative - Bonnie Mercadante

Landscape - Dan Holmes

Photojournalism - Larry Skibiski

Portrait Studio - Jim Paliungas

Nature - Greg Trainor

Commercial - Jim Paliungas

Over all Photographer of the Year - Dan Holmes

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