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Open Range Sunday

Email from Sherron Sheppard.

I attended the SCIART Open Range event on Sunday, which was a lot of fun.  I just got an email about the next Open Range event on May 19th at the Walnut Grove Ranch in Moorpark.  It is a very old walnut ranch and from what I’ve heard, it has some interesting old equipment, buildings, and other things on the ranch to paint or photograph.  I pasted the SCIART explanation from the email below and it sounds like there will be some great photo opportunities.   I think it might be something that CIPPA would enjoy. 


I realize this event is still several weeks away, but I wanted to inform you because people are already signing up and the event will probably sell out.  Sunday’s did.   To photograph for the day, you don’t sign up for the evening $25 reception.  Only for the $5 artist access. The painting/photography hours are 10:00-7:00 but you can leave whenever you want (and come back again later if you want).    And if you sign up for the artist access, you get to stay for the reception, which is from 5:00 to 7:00..  It’s included in the $5 fee.  The Wine Closet had a wonderful appetizer and wine bar at the reception that was included. They also provided a lunch (which you signed up for and paid separately) which was nice too.   It was a very fun day. 

Call me if you have any questions




Here is the link for tickets to our next Open Range at Walnut Grove on May 19th. Walnut Grove has a variety of interesting features:  an old steel barn, blacksmith shop, old tools and tractors, an overgrown family orchard, row crops, and a very pretty Tuscan-esque hill planted with citrus and a walnut grove, of course!  Spread the word and bring your friends. 


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