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August Image Competition!

Good Evening CIPPA Folks,

It’s time for the quarterly reminder – Image Comp is right around the corner. Monday, August 10th! It’s time to finish up your images and get them ready. Same Rules, Same Time, Not the Same Place. Please have your files to me no later than midnight, Saturday August 8th.

Because of the COVID-19 we will again be running this competition via Zoom. We will run the competition on Lightroom and the judges will score using a live shared Excel workbook. We will mute the audience while the judges are scoring and critiquing, but unmute for applause when the scores are read.

We will continue with the random order, and our judges for the evening are our esteemed colleagues: Michael Collins, Rebecca Li, and Mel Carl.

The revised CIPPA Image Competition Rules can be viewed on the website:, where you can also submit your payment.

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