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Mike Busby ~ Compositional Techniques through Night Photography

Presenter: Mike Busby, July 12th, 2021 at 6:30pm

Mike is recognized for his night cityscape photography and his compositional approach. In this class, Mike will show you the dynamics of shooting night cityscapes, how he shoots for post, and the compositional processes that go into each shot. That is: compositional techniques used to catch the eye, techniques used to build interest, and techniques used to keep the viewer within your image.

Mike is the owner and coach at Mike Busby’s School of Photography. He is based out of Spokane, WA and instructs on topics ranging from introductory photography to professional level lighting for the seasoned pros. He instructs classes on composition, landscapes, macro, astro, long exposure and infrared photography.

Mike holds a Masters in Visual Communication with specificity in composition, aesthetics and the judgment of taste. He uses these skills to help others draw out and express their unique stories and experiences while developing their own personal styles. M. Photog, CPP, FP (WA)

Registration and Payment:

Members of CIPPA – Free / PPC Members $10 / Meetup or Non-Members $20

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