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Image Comp Questions

Image Comp questions from a new member.

Do I understand correctly that unlimited editing is basically allowed in all categories with the exception of nature? And, in nature can man-made objects be removed or replaced if the background remains consistent with the original image. Can artistic effects such as textures be applied to a nature image overall? Does nature include insects or animals in the wild or is it literally just flora and fauna?

Welcome aboard Hutch & thanks for the questions!

That is a Yes, on the unlimited editing – except for Photojournalism. This is a difference in culture between PPA/PPC and PSA & NANPA. PPC &

PPA tend to deal more with retail photography with a lot of artistic interpretation and digital art.

Nature can be edited as desired. We have moved away from “nature” photos of manipulated/created images of flowers / insects / birds etc. photographed in a studio with artificial backdrops, studio lighting and heavy compositing. These now should be in Illustrative or Electronic Imaging. Shoot it outside and have at it – though an obviously heavily composited or manipulated Nature image may get scored down by a judge. Same thing with Landscapes – editing and compositing are ok, but realism is appreciated & valued by judges. Nature includes anything that breathes, moves, has roots, or “photosynthesizes”. All plants & animals – natural or man-made are good – there is no disqualification for hybrids or domesticated plants / animals.

Occasionally, we get landscapes entered in Nature & sometimes they get called out and scored down – I learned this lesson the hard way!

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